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    Atty. Antonio A. Pastor a prominent Citizen, has this to say gI like Batangas City becauseof its being gifted with a lot of things that matter – it has the charm of an old town, its shoreline is among the deepest, safest, and most beautiful harbor ting big businesses such as Caltex, Shell, Petrochemical and Power Plants among others. People are generally warm, with old fashioned ways, religious and with good sense of humor – although things are starting to change with the many migrants attracted to its potentials and opportunities.”

    Like his hometown, Atty. Pastor has many gifts and interests. Born in Batangas City to Dr. Juan Arceo-Pastor and Concha Quinio Acosta along with his 8 brothers and 1 sister who are all professionals in their respective fields, he is a lawyer and realtor by profession. A graduate of the U.P. Conservatory of Music, he is an accomplished classical pianist and singer-playing Chopin, Mozart, Debussy and Lecuona among his favorites. He also took graduate courses in Economics at New York University and took special piano lessons from Prof. Ida Elkan in New York. For sometime in his student days he was giving concerts at International Center for students in New York. He was also a member of the New York Philharmonic Choral Group under conductor Leonard Bernstein in the 60fs.

    With his savoir faire and many talents, Atty. Pastor has chosen to stay in Batangas City, where he is active in civic, cultural, religious, and charitable projects. He regularly sponsors concerts of well- known national and international artists at their family’s 127 –year- old Pastor-Acosta Ancestral House. A newly built Pastor Park is also a venue for cultural events for local talents mostly sponsored by City Cultural Affairs Committee. Here, he brings us on a visual tour of his Batangas, his SM.

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    Atty Pastor stands at the salon de entrada of the 127 year old Pastor-Acosta Ancestral House along C. Tirona Street in Batangas City. Built in 1883 by Don Alejo Acosta, this grand ancestral house has a rich sense of history.

    ‘Our maternal great grandfather, Don Alejo Acosta, the Gobernadorcillo at that time, built our family’s ancestral house in 1883. The grand staircase is a unique attraction that made a known local historian remarked ‘This staircase must have experienced thousands and thousands of warm welcomes . . . and lingering goodbyes.”


    A Bosendorfer grand piano stands proud in the anti sala of their house.

    “ I was born and grew up in Batangas City with a small town Christian upbringing – serving Mass, singing in the church choir with my brothers, with my father as our conductor.  I was taught by the Good Shepherd Nuns how to play the piano, which I enjoy doing up to now.”


    “If I would tour guests around Batangas, I would bring them to the old houses, historical churches in town, as well as in the neighboring towns of Taal, San Jose, Ibaan, and Lipa”

    Atty. Pastor and Taal Tourism Officer Dindo Montenegro in front of the Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal. Standing 96 meters long and 4 meters wide, it is considered the largest church in Asia.

    The Agustinian Missionaries started the construction in its original site in 1575, was reconstructed in its present location by Spanish architect Luciano Oliver, was made into a basilica on December 8, 1954, and was declared a national shrine on January 16, 1974.


    Atty Pastor and Dindo Montenegro by the altar of Our Lady of Caysasay Church, which is one of the province’s distinct cultural artifacts because it contains some princess relics from the Spanish colonial period. The church has been renovated, but many interesting details of period art can still be appreciated.

    Among the many relics that can be seen at the Our Lady of Caysasay Church is the 27 centimeter image of the Virgin, which was said to be fished out of the Pansipit River in Taal in 1603 by Juan Maningcad. People believe the image to be miraculous.

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    The scenic Taal volcano water filled crater and sits on an island in the center of Taal Lake, which geologists believe is an ancient caldera.


    Tawilis is a freshwater fish found only in Taal Lake.  This small fish, which grows to a full size of 15 centimeters is said to be distinctive because it is the only Clupeidiae family of fishes that is known to live in freshwater.  Batanguenos have many ways of cooking the tawilis – from fried to pinais.

    “Batangas has a beautiful and peaceful countryside with rolling terrains and green forest areas. I will take my visitors to ride the banca to Taal volcano, to the beaches of Anilao (Mabini), and establishments along the bay.”

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    The Sublian Festival is celebrated in Batangas City every 23rdof July to coincide with the founding anniversary of the city. Encouraged by Mayor Eduardo B. Dimacuha, Mr. Ed Borbon from the Cultural Affairs Committee headed the celebration .

    “ I would take my guests to the Sublian Festival to let them know the cultural tradition of Batangas.  The festival has become a date with Batangas traditions that include art forms like the , the awitan, the subli, as well as cultural practices like like lupakan, palarong Batangueno, the huntahan and barikan.”

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    Taal Tourism Official Dindo Montenegro showcases Batangas delicacies at Casa Punzalan, a restored ancestral house that is now a pension house. Graciano and Juliana Punzalan owned the original property, which Captain Nieto Punzalan, the living heir has leased to the Taal Heritage Foundation at no cost at all.

    “I will serve my guests a taste of Batangas– the Tamales of Batangas and Ibaan; Londres, a sweetened bread from Bauan; Pastillas de Ka Sianang. They will love our food specialties like the Pancit Tikiano made from home made noodles, and the Tapa and Longganisang Taal.”

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    The Best of Batangas Food: Tiping, sortidos, ugoy-ugoy, and jacobina; Tamales made of ground sticky rice with pork filling wrapped in a banana leaf; and the famous tablea tsokolate.


    SM City Batangas is one of two SM malls in this bustling province.

    “SM has changed the lifestyle in Batangas City for the better without really obliterating its old charm.  SM principally gave economic progress, but this goes hand in hand with the cultural and spiritual needs of the place.  SM has provided venues and sponsors cultural and artistic endeavors for Batangas and its people as well.”

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    Atty Pastor enjoys his favorite Aglio Olio Pasta at Pizza Hut in SM City Batangas with friend Dr. Roger Marcial and brother, retired banker Teddy Pastor; at Starbucks with brother Teddy Pastor, nephew Raymund Pastor – BDO manager of SM Batangas, and friend Dr. Roger Marcial; and gets a haircut at GQ Barbershop.

    “I like to hang around SM and observe people with their happy faces as they shop with their families and friends, especially the kids.  My favorite shop in SM is GQ Barbershop, Bodytune, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut.”


     “The opening of SM gave the opportunities for a local benefactor to help build a church, hospital, auditorium, as well as provide sites for educational and charitable institutions in the area with the support of a grateful community.  SM expedited the potentials of the city and its people in many aspects of life.”

    Atty Pastor outside the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity located beside SM City Batangas at the Pastor Village, Pallocan West, Batangas City. The Church stands on a 6,000 square meter land area donated by the late Dona Manuela Quinio Pastor on May 14, 1996. Built during the time of Cardinal Gaudencio Borbon Rosales who conceptualized the first design of the Glorious Cross, which was drawn by Rev. P. Onofre Bimbo Pantoja and carved in Paete, Laguna. The church was consecrated as the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity by the Archbishop of Lipa Ramon C. Arguelles on November 12, 2007 with Fr. Ilde Dimaano as the first Parish Priest and hailed as the Shrine of the Archdiocesan Glorious Cross on the same day by Cardinal Rosales. Atty. Pastor sings in this church every Sunday at the 9:00am Mass.